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Great Hope Services

Our Story


Director Christine Debu

Born in South Sudan, Christine moved to Australia 14 years ago to provide the best future for herself and later, her three children. Having faced hardship before and after the move, she found support from the government and her local community, even from people she had only just met! This gave her the motivation to work in the care & support industry for nearly a decade, providing for children, parents and their community. She describes how she was “naturally happy to help” and “ready to give back.” Her determination did not stop here, as she grew beyond these services and studied business in order to start her own support company, employing and caring for other people facing challenges. With much enthusiasm, Great Hope was founded in October 2018.

Who We Are

Great Hope Services, first and foremost, is our opportunity to “give back” to the ACT community. We provide various forms of care for a diverse range of people and are unified by our passion to help those in need with empathy, understanding and compassion. Our mission is to provide quality care and assistance through our friendly and engaged staff. 


Great Hope Services has an eight-seater car available for all your transport needs.